Missing KBIA? 

Keep a piece of KBIA with you during the off season! We have beautiful KBIA mugs and coasters with original drawings by City Line Drawings of the KBIA cove, Smith House, Strong Cottage, and Mother’s Beach playground. Choose your favorite mug for $15, or a set of 4 for $55. Pair your mugs with a set of 4 coasters for $30. You can call ahead for curbside pick up or visit our store in Strong Cottage. Or order online!


We also have lovely prints of the artwork available in the store. If you are not local or want to send the gift of KBIA to someone who is not here then please use the following link to visit the online store for these mugs, coasters AND the prints of the artwork: https://city-line-drawings.myshopify.com/collections/kennebunk

The KBIA store is open during regular office hours until August 31:

Monday thru Friday 9 AM to 4 PM

Closed for lunch between 12-1PM

We will welcome one person at a time to browse the store and make purchases. Please remember your mask, we would love to see you!