2018 Program Highlights


Movie Nights

Back by popular demand, we will continue to offer two Movie Nights per week. We will offer PG-rated movies on Mondays (ages 7-12) and G-rated movies on Wednesdays (ages 4-10). Due to capacity limits, admission is granted in the order registration is received. Parents MUST PREREGISTER children on their Registration Form or at the office by 4 PM the day of Movie Night. Maximum enrollment is 50 children. Walk-ins are not accepted.


Mini Worlds -- NEW!

Bring your imagination to life! Create a miniature world diorama using cardboard, clay, fabric, found objects, and more. Students will be encouraged to consider a literary inspiration for their tiny world and will start the process with 2D design before moving into sculpture. 


Mixed Media -- NEW!

Students will use their imaginations and an array of media to create 2D works on paper that playfully experiment with composition and juxtaposition. Artists will use pastels, watercolors, pen and ink, collage techniques, and more, while being inspired by 20th century mixed media artists.

Starfish Program

Starfish for ages 4 and 5 is a weekly morning drop-off program designed for preschool age children. The program meets daily from 8:30 to 11:30 AM. A Starfish morning includes a 30-minute swim lesson, story time, nature time and a craft project.

This year we again offer the option to add on a tennis lesson, which would extend to 12:30 PM and includes walking to Edgcomb with KBIA staff to be picked up by a caregiver after the lesson.

The Starfish program is staffed at a 4-to-1 ratio to ensure appropriate supervision of children at all times.


Wearable Arts/Fiber Arts -- NEW!

Textile design is everywhere - learn how to handcraft your own fabric and incorporate it into fashionable wearable art. Students will have the opportunity to weave, dye, batik, and print - then turn their textile creation into a unique piece of wearable art.  


Island and Seaside Exploration -- NEW!

Campers will explore one or more of the islands in Stage Harbor, have time at the Cape Porpoise pier, and visit either the Wells Reserve at Laudholm or the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. 


Junior Water Safety Instruction 

During a one-hour course, three days a week, the basics of Red Cross swim lessons are taught, including the proper use of course records, lesson planning, and the skills necessary within each of the first four to five levels. Students are expected to spend two additional hours assisting in the pool putting their instruction to work. Class is instructional only and does not earn certification. For ages 11 and older.  


Drama and more drama

Our ever-popular drama class returns geared toward all levels of experience and fun! Emerging actors act out their favorite nursery rhymes and explore movement through traditional circle games and songs. Pantomime and imagination games are also played. Up-and-coming actors explore vocal expression and emotions while acting out character play and improvisation. More experienced actors can take the two-week Advanced Drama class to learn how to prepare for a role, use movement, vocal exercises and character study to develop short scenes, skits, and monologues for class and camp performances. The 2 PM class will include children ages 5 to 8, and the 3 PM class will include children ages 7 and up.

Groundbreaking golf

Our golf classes suit all abilities. All classes are held at Webhannet Club, a 10-minute walk from KBIA.

• Beginner Golf: Our young golfers will enjoy the benefits of the new groundbreaking junior golf equipment SNAG. Starting New At Golf (SNAG) is a system designed to integrate fundamental coordination and athletic movements into the fundamentals of golf. Young golfers enjoy SNAG games because it builds golfing ability while also presenting different games and challenges that traditional golf may not provide some junior golfers. These techniques progress nicely into the traditional game of golf as kids take an interest in the game as well as the activity of just hitting the ball.

• Intermediate Golf: These classes build on the progression model as seen in the younger classes. Students will begin to take the fundamental athletic principles established in the beginner levels of golf and apply them to more advanced athletic movements, which translate to success with their swing. Intermediate golfers will continue to learn etiquette of the game as they progress in preparation for full integration onto the golf course. These classes may also spend some time with more advanced games featuring SNAG equipment.

 • Advanced Golf: The advanced golf class will be the culmination of the fundamentals of etiquette and the game as outlined through the younger stages of the junior golf program. This class is for experienced golfers only and will focus more on honing skills, and they will spend a majority of their time on the range, putting green practicing or on the golf course applying their acquired knowledge into the game of golf. Advanced Golfers must bring their own set of clubs.


Come sail away!

Our ever popular sailing classes are geared toward specific age groups, ages 4 and up! We have listed these classes with age restrictions; however, please speak with us if you have any questions about what class is right for your child. Please remember that a life jacket and closed-toe shoes are required for all waterfront classes.

Sea Fleas, Ages 4-6

In row boats, with instructors, children are taught to be comfortable on the water. Class includes a visit to nearby Strawberry Island, where they pretend to be pirates in search of buried treasure!

Gollywobblers, Ages 7-8

This course focuses on teaching basic sailing skills and principles. the curriculum includes learning basic nautical terms, parts of the boat, rigging and unrigging, finding wind direction, learning to steer with a tiller, practicing tacking and jibing, water safety, and knot tying.

Topsails, Ages 9+

This course is designed for young sailors who may have some previous sailing experience. The curriculum allows sailors to further develop their understanding of sailing fundamentals, including rigging, boat handling, landing and departing the dock, points of sail, reading the weather, seamanship, water safety, basics of racing and sportsmanship. 

Keelboat Sailing -- NEW!

Children are invited on a journey to set sail on a larger boat. Perfect for novice sailors and those with previous experience. An instructor will sail with the children in each boat. Teamwork and communication will be emphasized as the crew works together to sail around Lord's Point and along the Kennebunk coastline.

Opti Race Team, Ages 9+

This racing-focused class utilizes Optimist Class dinghies and will travel to select MIRC Regattas on Wednesdays.

Race Team, Ages 11+

This racing-focused class utilizes our Laser and 420 sailboats and will travel to select MIRC Regattas on Wednesdays. Transportation to and from the MIRC Regattas is done in parent vehicles. Parents are expected to help drive.

Race Team 2, Ages 11+

Again this year, open by invitation only (please inquire if interested), our most experienced racers will train at KBIA and travel to competitive, often multi-day, off-site regattas. Parents are expected to help drive. This course requires a multi-week commitment.