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All registration requires an active membership. If you haven’t joined, please complete the online Membership Donation form below or print and submit this form. This year we have a new online registration system, and we strongly encourage you to REGISTER FOR CLASSES ONLINE (link will be live on April 15).

Prior to selecting classes please take a moment to review KBIA’s Policies.

Class times vary from week to week and some classes are not available every week. Please check the schedules carefully and print clearly when transferring your class selections to the Registration Form!

If you have multiple children attending or need additional space to accommodate your class selection, please make a copy of the Registration Form, fill out your information at the top and continue with your class selections.

KBIA processes Registration Forms as they’re received. You will have a better chance of getting into the classes you select if you register early! We encourage you to REGISTER ONLINE (link will be live on April 15). If you use the printable forms for registration, each registration should include the 2021 Printable Required Forms. Incomplete registrations cannot be processed.  Submit your registration forms via email at [email protected].