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February 6, 2019
A Letter from President John Bauman

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While rounding Mother’s Beach last week with the temperature gauge in my car reading five degrees, I started reflecting on how amazing it was that KBIA was in its 109th year! I glanced at the empty playground, Smith House and Strong Cottage and then at the covered pool. My mind immediately took me back 50 years when my parents first enrolled me in classes. The only image I have, is a of a big man yelling “One, Two, Three…One, Two, Three…One, Two, Three KICK!” For those of you old enough to remember, that was swimming instructor Paul Atwood. And who could forget Mrs. Reid telling us sailors, “You’re in IRONS” with her megaphone out in the cove. While it was ages ago, the memories are as vivid as the smell of the sea air when the tide turns and the sounds of seagulls and children playing on the beach that we all look forward to experiencing when summer hits each year.
It was with those thoughts that made me realize how humbled and honored I am to be President of our wonderful organization KBIA. I am truly excited to have the chance to work with the Board of Directors, KBIA staff, and the entire community to see KBIA continue to grow and prosper!
2018 was another good year for KBIA as membership and programming remained strong, although we did end up running a deficit. However, the Board of Directors, Martin and I are finalizing this year’s budget and we are planning to erase the deficit to break even in 2019.
We are excited to be renovating the bathrooms in Smith House this spring, one of which will be handicap accessible, and we will be replacing the floor in Smith this Fall. We have created a Programming Committee to explore new program possibilities for 2020 and beyond. We are also looking to add social events that include our friends at Edgcomb and Webhannet, as well as the Kennebunk Community.
As I mentioned in my Fall letter, this October Martin Lodish will be leaving KBIA after 10 and a half great years as Executive Director.  We are going to miss him, but we are working diligently to find a new ED that will continue to help us maintain the excellence that we have experienced in the past and also help us grow to new heights in the future. We will make sure to keep you apprised of the hiring process as we move forward.
Finally, I want to make sure to thank the entire membership and others in the community who stay involved with KBIA and have been so loyal and generous year after year.  Without all of your help KBIA would not be able to thrive and grow.
Warm Regards,
John Bauman
President of the KBIA Board of Directors          
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