Scholarship Opportunities

KBIA is a not-for-profit organization and we’re proud to offer scholarships to children of the Kennebunk area – ensuring that everyone can benefit from and enjoy an inspiring, fun-filled summer.

Please call the KBIA office or email [email protected] for more information about KBIA scholarship opportunities.


For four weeks during the summer of 2014, then 11-year-old, Zachery Litvinchyk of Arundel surfed, swam, dove, fished, kayaked and even made his mother a purse and wallet out of duct tape as part of the program’s popular Craftmeisters class. The Arundel boy was one of 12 local students that summer who attended the Kennebunk Beach Improvement Association program on scholarship. Read all about his experience here

Thanks to generous donations and local fundreaising, each year since 2008 we have increased our scholarships program. In 2008, KBIA increased the scholarship program for local children in need of financial assistance by 50%. In 2008 we provided over 200 KBIA classes to seven local children which represented more than $11,977 in KBIA services. In 2009, we increased the number to 10 children, or $15,980 in programming.

Reid R. Sacco Memorial Foundation Scholarship

Reid Sacco was a long standing member of the KBIA community and a beloved, skilled sailing instructor. The Reid R. Sacco Memorial Foundation awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors who qualify on the basis of their pursuit of excellence in academics, athletics and their strength of character and perseverance. Haley Peterson, a tennis counselor at KBIA the summer of 2014, received a scholarship from the foundation. She will apply the funds to her studies at Georgetown University.

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