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Tutorial videos:

**PLEASE NOTE: the above videos were made for the 2022 season and reflect an incorrect date for registration. The correct date for our 2024 season online registration is MARCH 2nd at 10AM Eastern Time

Ways to register:

  • Online through Daxko: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 
  • By email at [email protected]
         All e-mailed registrations are processed by Office staff in the order received.
         Processing begins AT THE SAME TIME online registration is open to all.
  • In-person at the KBIA office, during office hours only
         Office is open from June 17 to August 16, 2024
         Mondays: 8 AM to 5 PM
         Tuesdays through Fridays: 9 AM to 12 PM; 1 PM to 4 PM

In order to be eligible to register for KBIA classes for Weeks 2-8, you must be a KBIA member and pay the annual membership fee. One membership is required per family, which is defined as one or more generations living in the same household, with members of the younger generation being direct descendants of the older generation. Non-members are welcome to sign up for classes for Week 1 without paying a membership fee, however, class registrations do apply. If you haven’t joined, please follow this link to become a member!

Read KBIA’s Code of Conduct here.


We strongly recommend that you test your KBIA (Daxko) account well in advance of program registration start dates. The KBIA Office can assist you through the program registration steps to ensure you are comfortable with the process.

How to access your profile

  • Click on this link to take you to the Membership Login.
  • Select Find Account.
  • Search your email or phone number associated with your account. If you have problems*, contact [email protected]
  • Either renew your membership right away or click on My Account at the top right to View Account and make any edits you need to participants, billing, addresses, or contact information.
  • Before you log off, make sure your membership is active!

* Can’t find yourself? We may need an updated birthday on file. Try to search with the birthday 1/1/1910.

How to sign up for a NEW membership online

  • Visit this link.
  • Select the level of Membership you desire and follow the prompts to complete your profile.
  • Keep in mind that the primary person setting up the account will be the default to receive all email communications from KBIA.

How to register for programs

  • Log into your Daxko account using this link.
  • Register for “2024 Required Contact Info and Health Forms”; all students participating in KBIA this summer must complete these forms. By completing this registration NOW all your answers to the health questions and emergency contact information will be saved for when registration for all programs opens on Saturday, March 2, 2024 at 10 AM EDT.
  • Locate all your classes in this Activity Guide – KBIA’s comprehensive source of registration information, class descriptions, and class times.
  • Now, go to the online registration for programs HERE and locate your favorite class offerings in the Coming Soon tab and get comfortable searching for your selections! Hint – it’s really easy to sort offerings by your child’s birthday and the “locations” are actually all the types of classes (Art Electives, Sailing, Tennis, etc). Use the filters to find what you want when you’re browsing and then follow the same path when registration day arrives!