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KBIA slideshow

During our five-year 100th Anniversary Capital Campaign which began in 2010, we raised over $1.1 million thanks to so many!  We are grateful for the donations, both large and small, and have much of which to be proud. Catch a glimpse of the many faces, friendships and fun witnessed at KBIA through the years — and please note all the changes we have made! Your donations have made all of these upgrades possible. Thank you!

As a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization, KBIA’s mission since 1910 has been to provide an exemplary enrichment program for children and to positively influence the life and welfare of Kennebunk Beach and the Kennebunk-area community. With the help of our members and the business community, we are able to extend scholarships to children of the Kennebunk area, keep Mother’s Beach safe, clean, and family-friendly, as well as organize family-oriented community events and maintain KBIA’s quality enrichment programs and facilities.

Let’s keep it going. Please consider “passing it along” so that future generations may enjoy many more magical summers at KBIA. To find more information on how to donate, click the How to Donate tab.