KBIA Policies

The weather on the waterfront can change quickly. Be sure your child has sun protection and appropriate clothing for all weather conditions. Some classes have specific physical, dress and equipment requirements. Please read the online class descriptions carefully. If you need assistance meeting class requirements, please contact the KBIA office.

If any of the classes you select are filled, you will automatically be put on a waiting list. The office will notify you if a spot opens.

In order to be processed, all required forms must be accompanied by complete payment of the annual membership fee and all class fees. Alternate payment plans may be available if needed; please contact the Program Administrator. KBIA accepts checks as well as MasterCard, Visa, and American Express credit cards, and direct bank transfers.

We accept cash payments only during office hours: Monday 8 AM to 5 PM, Tuesday to Friday 9 AM to 12 PM and 1 to 4 PM, beginning June 15, 2021.

KBIA is a not-for-profit organization, and we’re proud to offer scholarships to children of the Kennebunk area who require financial assistance – ensuring everyone can benefit from and enjoy an inspiring, fun-filled summer. For information, contact Executive Director Mimi Fox at
[email protected].

Please be sure to review all policies before beginning your registration.

• Note that the registration process is available online in 2021 for the first time!

• If you have multiple children attending or need additional space to accommodate your class selections, please print a second copy of the Registration Form, fill out the participant information at the top and continue with your class selections.

• Incomplete registration cannot be processed.

You may opt to complete all your registrations online via Daxko. Alternatively, if you email, mail, or fax registrations then you must include the required forms:

-KBIA Membership Form — only if you haven’t previously joined.

-KBIA Class Registration Form — one for each child.

-KBIA Contact Information & Release Form — one per immediate family.

-KBIA Payment Form — totaled for one family.

-Make copies for your records.

-Mail forms to KBIA, P.O. Box 707, Kennebunk, ME 04043, email to [email protected] or fax paperwork to (207) 510-8058

There are many differences between KBIA this year and years past. When at all possible, KBIA will hold classes outside. Any class that occurs indoors will be in a space with an air purifier and/or exhaust fans in the windows, staff and children fully masked with hand sanitizing/washing stations available. All bathrooms will be fitted with germicidal UV lights and blowers and KBIA maintenance staff will regularly clean and sanitize shared areas throughout the day. All classes will have reduced enrollment to ensure we can provide a safe, quality enrichment space for children who participate.

Additional policies related to COVID-19 include:

Masks are required at all times:

KBIA will comply with masking on campus at all times. Children, counselors, and staff are all expected to wear masks when on KBIA property. KBIA will have some disposable masks for students, but highly encourage 3-layer masks for all students. KBIA will provide masks for all counselors and staff.

The only times masks may be removed are when:

· In the pool

· On a private watercraft without a boat mate (single person kayak, SUP board,
  sailboat without a boat mate)

· With your pod in a private powerboating class

All children who cannot swim on their own must be accompanied by a designated adult in the pool

KBIA anticipates that our swim instructors will instruct on the sidelines of the pool, as we did in 2020. In this model, no instructor will be in physical contact to assist young swimmers in the pool unless lifesaving measures are required. All classes will be limited in enrollment to allow for proper distancing.

All those who cannot get into and out of a watercraft on their own MUST be assisted by a parent/guardian

For the safety of our participants and our staff, we are requiring that children without the ability to get themselves in or out of watercrafts must be assisted by a household member. KBIA employees will not assist in a hands-on manner unless a life-saving measure is required.

COVID-19 Waivers must be completed or your participation will not be allowed

All KBIA participants must complete the form online for every day they participate in programming. The waiver cannot be completed prior to the day of classes. There are no exceptions. A link to the waiver is on our homepage at www.kbia.net

Cancellations and Deadlines

To cancel a class for a full refund:

The cancellation request must be submitted to the Office and confirmed BEFORE 3:30pm on the Friday of the week before classes begin.

Cancellations due to sickness

All cancellations due to sickness will result in a full refund. HOWEVER, if you cancel for sickness, NO MEMBER OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD will be allowed to participate in KBIA programming until all household members are 14-days symptom free or you can provide a negative test result after symptoms clear in the wake of an exposure consistent with CDC guidance on timeline.

Tennis registrations must be completed before the week begins. No additions will be made to tennis classes (for the multi-household sign ups) after 3:30pm on the Friday before the classes begin.

If KBIA cancels a private/pod lesson or class due to bad weather then we will issue refunds. This is specific for private and podded classes – it does not extend to multihousehold classes. In an effort to work with families, we will first offer to make up the time missed and if a suitable make up time cannot be found then we will offer refunds. KBIA classes will continue in rain, but not lightning or dangerous sea conditions.