Board of Directors

The KBIA Board of Directors and Officers are volunteers and they support and serve the organization on a year-round basis in many valuable ways. The impact of their service is directly related to their commitment and participation in Board committees. The benefits of service to the KBIA are both rewarding and fun. We look forward to enjoying friendships, both old and new, while we work together to strengthen the KBIA organization and our community. Prospective Board members are encouraged to express their interest. We encourage everyone’s interest and participation!

OFFICERS 2023-2024

David Belanger President
Matthew Ward Vice President
Matthew Walsh Treasurer
Laura O’Garr Secretary
Laura Borland Andrew Scipio del Campo
Zach Curry Tina Souza
Natasha Lawler Stephanie Stellwagen
Danielle Merrill Isabelle Vaillancourt
Melissa Norigian Lauren Walsh
Mark Riley Amy Woolf
Past Presidents & Honorary Members
Donna Smythe
Wilson John Bauman



David Sweetser 2016-2018
Shannon Beer Belanger 2014-2016
Seana Wood 2012-2014
Dave Stevenson 2010-2012
Andrew Harrington 2008-2010
Dawn Werner 2006-2008
Dan Harrington Honorary 2006
Billy Collins 2004-2006
Gail Arnold 2002-2004
Tom Palmer 2000-2002
John Stevenson 1998-2000
Kathy Maurice Baker 1996-1998
Christopher Robinson 1994-1996
Richard Tonneson 1992-1994
George Harrington 1990-1992
Mike Beer 1986-1990
Richard Spencer 1984-1986
Jack Downes 1982-1984
John Hughes, Jr. 1980-1982
Richard Eaton 1978-1980
Howard Rundquist 1976-1978
Eugene Mullen 1974-1976
Charles Spaulding 1972-1974