Firstly, I cannot thank you enough for all your patience. These last few months have been a whirlwind of activity and knowing that our member families are there to support us has been incredibly comforting.
Based on discussions, data, and guidance from the American Camp Association, the CDC, the State of Maine, and the Town of Kennebunk, the KBIA Board of Directors and I regret to share that KBIA does not feel it can safely open operations as we have in past summers. This is very sad news and I, in my first year as Executive Director, do not relish sharing it.
That said, KBIA is resilient. We are working very hard to come up with ways for our members to access our community – no matter where you may be this summer. The landscape of operating may be different in one or two months’ time, and if we can safely open up more physical access to our families then, rest assured, we will be exploring every possible avenue!
The first step we are taking is designing a digital community network for KBIA. This will be accessible to all of our members – at no additional cost – so that families can connect with one another and experience some of the places and people that keep our KBIA spirit alive year after year. The proposed schedule for these classes will be shared on June 5.
  • In the first three weeks of KBIA’s intended programming (June 22 – July 10) we will be piloting a wide range of interactive, creative programming offered for two age groups (ages 4-6 and 7+). These will be online, short classes from teachers and classes you love. Everything will be available in real time and also accessible in a recorded fashion. We are taking the most creative approach possible and do not intend these classes to relegate kids to computer only based learning. We want you to bring outdoor excursions to the lessons and create and engage with one another! If we receive positive feedback after the first two weeks then we will continue these classes throughout the summer!
  • We will be holding virtual movie nights, a combined virtual tween and teen night, a virtual family night of games, and even a virtual happy hour for parents. Nights will be themed and there will be challenges with prizes for winners!
  • Importantly, these offerings will be emailed out ONLY to active members so that we can prioritize the digital safely of our children and families.
  • Any member who joins this year will have free access to this programming AND will receive EARLY ACCESS TO REGISTRATION FOR 2021. Registration will be available to the general public on April 15, 2021 but for anyone who joins this year BEFORE JUNE 22, registration access will be given on APRIL 1, 2021! *This is NOT an April Fool’s joke! 🙂
Additionally, we hope to be able to offer a limited series of classes on site beginning on July 6. Some classes that we offer will be able to operate in a paired back fashion, but relatively unchanged. These classes are:
  • Surfing
  • Yoga
  • Marine Biology
  • Family Cove Walks
  • Sand Castle Building
*Priority registration for these limited spots will be given to registrations that have already been submitted. Full details on these classes will be shared on June 5 at which time, registration for these classes will formally begin.
We hope to be able to offer a few more waterfront activities on a household sign-up basis (parents are encouraged to participate). All these on-site classes will be priced a la carte for members. Details on all these classes and the fees associated with them will be available on June 15 – so be on the lookout!
One thing is for certain. Without the contribution of our community – our members – we will not make it through this uncertain time. The financial impact of not opening our doors creates a huge hole in our ability to function in the future. Now, more than ever, your membership will make a lasting difference to the future of KBIA. We will continue to offer ways to engage with the place and the people you hold dear throughout this summer but we simply cannot do it without you. I encourage you to consider becoming a member to help us see the summer of 2021, access the digital community we will build and grow together, and get the opportunity to experience a more intimate and personal connection to our campus through the small group and household specific experiences we will curate as offerings.
To sign up for a membership or make a donation online, please visit: HERE
On the site you can choose your level or customize the amount you wish to give. Any amount is gladly accepted and will help us work through this challenging time.
Alternatively, you can print out and mail the membership form available on the KBIA website: HERE
Thank you for being a part of KBIA’s incredible history. I sincerely hope that you will join me in participating in our offerings this summer so that we can continue to share KBIA in the future. 
Mimi Fox
Executive Director