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January 24, 2017
A Letter from President David Sweetser

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Hello from Wellesley, MA!!  I am looking out the window organizing my thoughts for this letter, in particular, and for KBIA, in general.  The snow has been light and the mercury is screaming 21 degrees.  But, my thoughts are of warm summer days.  The breeze is gentle and the sunshine is bright, and my mind is lingering on memories of my time at KBIA when my daughters attended classes, and now my granddaughter.  I have been fortunate to have spent over 13 years being associated with the Board of Directors of KBIA.  And even with that extensive time with KBIA, I have realized that I have only just begun to understand the KBIA legacy and its significant impact upon the summer lives of so many people.  The intricate bond that exists between the previous generations of parents, campers and friends of KBIA and the organization is incredible and far exceeds my original understanding.  I extend a heartfelt and sincere ‘thank you’ to all the past Board Members and employees of KBIA who have worked to cultivate this bond.
This organization has weathered the test of time and will proudly be entering our 107th season this year.   I have been most impressed with the support of past Board Officers as they offer me their assistance and knowledge.  But, to fulfill our potential, KBIA would greatly benefit from the help and support from all previous generations.  The current Board welcomes your guidance and experience.  I ask you to reach out and engage us and we will attempt to do the same.  Many of you have participated in focus group discussions, stakeholder meetings and other recent outreach efforts by the Board.  We will continue such efforts in the form of additional social activities to encourage your participation in the KBIA community – similar in mission to the Seaside Celebration.      
The future of KBIA is determined by the actions of today.  The past several years have witnessed the significant upgrade of the physical facilities of KBIA.  Certainly the pool, the playground and the renovations to both Smith and Strong Cottages have restored KBIA’s physical presence.  The tireless efforts of many of you over the last few years have stabilized the facilities at KBIA.  Our maintenance and repair protocol have positioned them well for the future.  Thank you to all who contributed in many ways to these accomplishments.
I would like to see KBIA take a reasoned and measured perspective as to how we will evolve in the short and longer terms.  Our view forward is not limited by the previous years’ demands which required immediate attention.  Our long range planning committee will be afforded the time and support to develop coordinated plans.  One example of this longer term vision is that we will be addressing the opportunities that Smith Cottage offers to KBIA.  Should we raze the cottage and replace it with a more efficient building?  Should we repair the existing structure and conserve our capital?  Required environmental and permit approvals place severe limitations on the expansion of the cottage.          
One very special development that KBIA has experienced in the last several years is the growth of the scholarship program.  Many of you voice your support for this initiative by the donations that you send to us.  Martin Lodish, Executive Director, has developed networks with school administrators and the community at large to invite kids the experience of summers at KBIA who otherwise would not be able to attend.  We are able to identify and provide participation in a discreet and effective manner.  This effort is an integral part of our Mission Statement and the Board takes pride in this accomplishment.  I intend to continue robust support of this program.
The underlying strength of our KBIA community is built on two foundations:  the generous time, effort, and money of KBIA supporters; and the dedication and passion of our faculty and staff.  I think you will agree that KBIA has the most able and compassionate faculty and staff of any known summer program.  Without these two vital groups of people, KBIA would not be where it is today and our future would be less bright.  I think all of us know that we are part of something very special.  I know you share my enthusiasm. 
As wonderful as our past has been, I am even more optimistic about our future.  A future of accomplishment and success because of you and your support, today.  We invite you to join KBIA as a member.  Our 2017 membership form can be found on our website hereMembership fees support KBIA in the year they are given and remain crucial to the financial health and stability of our nonprofit organization. Please also consider a donation to your choice of our scholarship fund, facilities fund, and/or our general fund in addition to your membership. Please visit the “How to Donate” section of our website for more details on each fund. Thank you.
David Sweetser
President of the KBIA Board of Directors          
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