News from the Beach
July 21, 2014
KBIA: Summer traditions continue
Kids earn their summers. So when they spend their precious free time with us at KBIA, we make sure they get the most fun in the sun, while learning a whole lot in the process! KBIA offers more than 50 courses, so surely there is something else they’d like to try. Water polo? Tennis? Leathercrafts? Painting? We invite you to revisit our 2014 Registration Guide to see everything we have to offer, or simply look around at all we have going on any given day here. Whatever you choose, whatever they choose, we hope to see you back at the beach soon!
Honoring our children
July award-winners named
We have many children here who excel in their areas of special interest, and we honored them at Saturday’s awards ceremony with KBIA “wedges.” For children we saw go “above and beyond,” we awarded the traditional silver-ware that has a permanent home in our office. Their names will be engraved on the plaques, forever part of our KBIA history. This year’s July award-winners include:

Joey Tomassetti for the Sisters G&V Art Award for the arts.
Cece Wailer for the Feldman Award for the arts.
Amir Yaghoobi for the Keeper of the Cove Award.
Will Morris for the Comelia C. Smith Swimming Award for staff.
Alec Felvinci for Griswald Cup for tennis teaching.
All KBIA children receive participant ribbons. If you did not pick them up after the awards, and would like to do so, please check in at the office. We also have a number of “wedges,” or plaques, for our award-winners not present on Saturday!

CITs take on the ropes course
All Counselors in Training are invited to attend a special day at the Maine Ropes Course on Tuesday, July 22. Teens will depart from KBIA at 9 AM and return around 4 PM.
CIT Coordinator Maureen McEnaney will lead this trip that promotes “FOCUS Through Adventure” and helps teens develop team building and communication skills. All skill levels are welcome to attend, and teens should bring their own lunch and wear comfortable clothing. Please preregister by e-mailing Maureen or contacting the KBIA office (967-2180).
All CITs enrolled in any of our CIT classes this summer are welcome to attend free of charge.


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This week at KBIA

TWEEN NIGHT: Portland Sea Dogs game, 5:15 to 9ish Tuesday. Sea Dog biscuit included. $24.

MOVIE NIGHT: SOLD OUT. “A Bug’s Life.” Smith House, 7 to 9 PM Wednesday. $7.

TEEN NIGHT: Portland Sea Dogs game, 5:15 to 9ish Tuesday. Sea Dog biscuit included.$24.
* Please note change of regular day for Teen Night. We have combined Tween and Teen Nights this week.
OPEN SAIL: 10 AM to 2 PM Saturday, July 26; and 11 AM to 3 PM Sunday, July 27; free and open to members.
Please pre-register for all events at the office so we may accurately plan for transportation and admission fees. Now acccepting registrations for next week’s Movie Night.