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February 7, 2020
A Letter from President John Bauman

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Hopefully everyone is settling into the new decade well, and like myself, are looking forward to the Summer of 2020, which is only a few short months away. For KBIA, it will be a special one as this year marks our 110th Anniversary. We will be looking to celebrate the milestone at the 2020 Seaside Celebration in July!
2019 was another strong year for KBIA as we held expenses in check and programming and membership remained vibrant. This year, the camp gains a periodic extra week, so we will have nine weeks of programming as opposed to the regular eight. This will help the revenue side of things and allow us to keep any increase in fees to a minimum. Our Treasurer, John Wiseman will be sending his letter soon, which will describe our financial outlook in more detail.
Mimi and I have mentioned in previous communications that we have been working on some significant improvements to the facilities and grounds. The new bathrooms at Smith House were completed last spring and were well received by the membership and the entire community. Then in the fall, we completed rot repair, the installation of two new front doors, and a new “snack-shack” window at Smith House. Once the weather improves, we will be painting all the trim at Smith and Strong and installing brand new gutters on both! Other improvements include new picnic tables, a new pool cover, and new astro turf for the tent floor.
On the Executive Director front, on behalf of the BOD, I want to say that we are thrilled with the way Mimi has acclimated herself in her new position. She has exceeded our expectations thus far, and will continue to build on that as we move towards the 2020 season!
Lastly, I would like to thank all of you again for your loyalty and commitment to our beloved KBIA. Your continued support is crucial to the organization and is so greatly appreciated!
Best Regards,
John Bauman
President of the KBIA Board of Directors
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