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December 3, 2019
Give the gift of your KBIA memories
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On this day – Giving Tuesday – we are all asked to participate in acts of kindness and generosity to help cultivate a sense of community and inclusiveness. This spirit of kindness behind Giving Tuesday is what we have been so fortunate to see at KBIA every season, for decades. This enriching community environment has supported the Cove and the people who love it for the past 110 years. The pool has been where so many kids have learned how to swim. The Cove has sparked a love of sailing for generations, and the playground has made a lasting impression on the entire community. There is no doubt that this place is special.
On this day – we ask you to share your personal stories of how KBIA has made a positive impact. I am a firm believer that every experience helps to support the person you ultimately grow to be and we want to hear about how KBIA has touched your life. No matter how big or small the memory – please share your #kbiastory this holiday season.
We welcome posts onto our Facebook page (be sure to use the hashtag #kbiastory in your post!) or you can also email your stories to [email protected].
Thank you for being a part of our #kbiastory!