News from the Beach
August 20, 2018
See you next summer!
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What a summer! Our 108th season at KBIA was one of the best yet and we want to thank all 657 participants who were here with us throughout the summer for all the fun.

Weekly we offered more than 55 various programs, sold-out movie nights, bonfires on the beach, teen and tween nights, and open sail/kayak weekends.  We also hosted our 27th annual 5K/1K road race and the ninth annual Reid Sacco Family Regatta, family cove walks, a swim meet, a family pool day, and two celebratory awards/barbecues.  We are so fortunate to call KBIA home for the summer and we hope you do too.

Thank you for the memories!


Extend the gift of “summer”
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Please help us keep the spirit of summer alive for children who are unable to attend KBIA without assistance. For every $25 donated to the KBIA scholarship fund, we are able to invite a child to attend KBIA for one day, for every $125 donated a child can attend for a week, and for every $500 donated a child can attend for four weeks!  The impact of a summer spent swimming, sailing, and just “being a kid” has a lasting impression. All donations — large, small and/or online are greatly appreciated.
At the Helm
New Board Members 
KBIA is fortunate to have the tireless dedication of its volunteer Board of Directors working behind the scenes and meeting quarterly to help steer the organization.  At the August annual membership meeting our Board of directors welcomed new members Lisa Luken, Andrew Scipio del Campo, Tina Souza, and Isabelle Vaillancourt.  Thank you all!
OFFICERS 2018-2019
John Bauman, President
Nina Chagnon, Vice President
Donna Smythe-Wilson, Vice President
John Wiseman, Treasurer
Leigh Griswold Boudreau, Secretary
Heidi Ayotte
Tina Gordon
John Houston
Louisa Huband
Lisa Luken
Andrew Scipio del Campo
Tina Souza
Isabelle Vaillancourt
Chad Wallier
Congratulations to our August award-winners
We concluded our 2018 season with a great turnout to KBIA’s biannual BBQ & Awards ceremony on August 18. All children received participation ribbons, some received KBIA “wedges” or plaques for those who exemplify the KBIA spirit in attitude and accomplishment, while a select few earned their way into KBIA history. For these top honors, names are engraved on our traditional “silver ware,” which are on display in the office for all to see. Those winners were:


Hartley Lord Cup for Seamanship:  TJ Walsh
Eagle Rock Yacht Club Officer’s Cup:  Brady Luken
Eagle Rock Yacht Club Hartley Lord Cup:  Caleb Hofmann
Eagle Rock Yacht Club Friendship Cup:  Keely O’Bryan
Sisters Gerold and Vincent Art Award:  Orla O’Sullivan
Feldman Art Award:  Elanora French
Keepers of the Cove:  Sophia Duncan
Jane Wydra Award:  Abby Dugan
The President’s Cup: Zoe Lament
Maureen McEnaney Award: Frankie Majkowski
Griswold Tray: Ryan Turnbull
Cornelia Smith Swimming Award: Hannah Buckley
Waterhouse Cup: Peter Mitchell
The Calder Cup: Ron Armando and Leslie Bayse
Sacco Memorial Scholarship: Bailey Eveleth
Coming soon to KBIA members!
“Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold”
When thinking of KBIA, these song lyrics ring true in all our hearts…it is a special community where you make new friends each year, while reuniting with friends made in summers past.  We come from all over the country, all over the world and join together during summers at KBIA.  To help us keep in touch year-round, we publish a Membership Directory every fall with families’ names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mails. Following tradition, it also includes a listing of our “silver” award winner names from our July and August awards ceremonies.  Members will receive the booklet in the mail as soon as it is available.
Thoughts? Comments? Questions?
We want to hear from you!
As we often do, at the end of every spectacular season at KBIA – each one seemingly better than the last – we like to reflect on our time down at the beach.  And we want to hear about your reflections as well! What did you and your family like most at KBIA? What can we improve on next year? In the spirit of open dialogue, we want to know how we may serve our members even better in the future. We invite you to gather your thoughts and send them to Executive Director Martin Lodish.