News from the Beach
August 23, 2018
A Letter from the KBIA President
First of all, I want to thank David Sweetser for all the time and effort he has put into KBIA for the last 15 years, including two stints on the Board of Directors, which included being President the past two years. Without his leadership, KBIA would not be in such a great position today!
I would also like to recognize all the hard work and dedication of our Executive Director, Martin Lodish. For the last nine and a half years he has put his heart and soul into his job at KBIA, and has been instrumental to the tremendous success and growth of our wonderful institution.
On that note, I wanted to share with you that after much thought, Martin has decided that next season, the summer of 2019, will be his last at KBIA. He plans on pursuing new adventures and actually being able to take summer vacations with his family!
While everyone may be saddened by the news, we are very fortunate that Martin has given us a year plus notice. This will allow our new board ample time to search for, hire, and properly groom the best candidate to fill the Executive Director position. Please be assured that we will conduct a thorough and professional search beginning this fall and will update you throughout the process.
I would like to welcome new board members, Lisa Luken, Andrew Scipio del Campo, Tina Souza, and Isabelle Vaillancourt and thank them in advance of their willingness to serve.
Also, thanks to our new officers, Vice Presidents Donna Smythe-Wilson and Nina Chagnon, Treasurer John Wiseman, and Secretary Leigh Griswold Boudreau.
On behalf of the new Board of Directors and Officers of KBIA, we are looking forward to working with our tremendous KBIA staff and wonderful membership to ensure that KBIA continues to grow and thrive in the future!
Warm Regards,
John Bauman