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October 19, 2015
Falling into Autumn

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Autumn is upon us, the hot summer days fading into fond memories that will surely keep us warm during the upcoming winter months.  As we reflect on our 105th season at the beach, we know we have much for which to be thankful.  The KBIA community has so much to offer, and we thank all of you for offering so much to KBIA. 
During the off-season months, we are still here, working diligently towards next season.  Board members have gathered together and planned out the 2016 summer schedule.  The 2015 Membership Directory is currently at the printer and will be on its way to your mailbox soon! 
We still want to hear from you! At the end of August, many of you shared your preference for holding the July & August award ceremonies earlier in the day.  We love hearing your feedback!  If you have any comments or suggestions for how we can better serve the KBIA community, we invited you to send them to Executive Director Martin Lodish.  
2016 Calendar of Events
Save the dates … and please join us!
Jan 30            Membership Letter mailed and posted online
Jan 30            Staff & Counselor applications posted online
Mar 31            Registration Guide mailed and posted online
Jun 20            KBIA Office opens
Jun 25-26       Staff & Counselor Orientation Weekend
Jun 27            Season Opening Day
Jun 27-Jul 1   Membership Fee-Free Week
Jul 10             KBIA 25th Annual Day at the Beach 5K / 1K Road Race
Jul 23             July Watersports, Awards & BBQ
Jul 23             KBIA Seaside Celebration
Aug 6             Reid Sacco Family Regatta
Aug 20           August Watersports, Awards & BBQ
Don’t Let KBIA News Get Spammed!
It’s true, no one likes spam, and thankfully some e-mail service providers have become more and more aggressive with their spam filters – as they should.  But this also means that some of KBIA’s newsletters could be sent to your spam folder. 
It is always a good idea to periodically check your spam or junk folder to ensure you are receiving the e-mails you do want – like ours!  If you find a KBIA e-mail that has been marked as spam, click on the “Not Spam” button (look in your toolbar and internet options, as well as your e-mail settings).  Another way to ensure KBIA emails are getting to you is to add the following e-mail addresses to your contacts/address book:  [email protected].
And thanks for keeping up with us!