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November 9, 2015
On This Day…Our 105th Birthday!
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Today we celebrate KBIA’s 105th birthday – founded on the ninth day of November in 1910, a Certificate of Incorporation was signed by the “officers of a Village Improvement corporation organized at a meeting duly called and held therefor at the house of Walter L. Dane, in Kennebunk” — thereafter known as Kennebunk Beach Improvement Association — and filed with the State of Maine.  As stated in the official documents, “the purposes of said corporation are for the purpose of the improvement of Kennebunk Beach and vicinity…”  And so, with all formalities in place, our beloved KBIA was born. 
In 1960, KBIA added activities for children, and started a summer enrichment program that is what we know today.  Over the last fifty plus years KBIA has aquired buildings and land, built docks, playgrounds, and swimming pools.  An ample menu of activities has grown steadily, taught and overseen by knowledgable and enthusiastic staff.  And hundreds and hundreds of children and members have come through KBIA every summer making new friends, learning new skills, and making memories to last a lifetime.  
On this day, our 105th birthday, we also want to wish all of our dedicated members, volunteers, donors, and staff a “Happy KBIA Birthday” too…if not for you we could not celebrate such a momentous occasion.
In lieu of birthday gifts…Donate!
We love birthdays, and what better way to celebrate than donating to scholarships that help KBIA continue to offer great programs.  Since the very beginning of KBIA history, volunteers and donors have been at the forefront, continually improving KBIA and offering this magical experience to the community.  We are so appreciative of this generosity, and we are still working towards our goal to increase scholarships at KBIA.
Please consider a celebratory donation to our cause so that KBIA can continue to provide “summers of experience” here at the beach!
Donation checks can be mailed to:
P.O. Box 707
Kennebunk, ME 04043
For information on donating toward the cause, visit the “Support Us” page on our website.
2015 Membership Directory
Check Your Mailbox!
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Hot off the press and arriving in mailboxes, the 2015 Membership Directory includes a listing of current board members, all the winners of the July & August Awards, 100th Anniversary Capital Campaign Donors, Membership Donors, and KBIA Members and Staff. 
Please let us know if you have not yet received a Membership Directory in the mail and we will be sure to send a copy right away.  If you would like to request another copy, and you were a member in 2015, please contact us to have one sent to you. 
We will also have a supply at the KBIA offices when we open for the season next June…anyone else ready for an official countdown to opening day!?