News from the Beach
October 31, 2019
Until We Meet Again

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It was January 2009 when I first came across a job posting for the Executive Director of KBIA. At the time, I had never heard of KBIA before. KBIA has been a huge part of my professional and personal life for over a decade and today marks my last official day at KBIA.
My youngest son learned to swim in the old KBIA pool, my daughter’s first job was at KBIA, and my older son became enchanted with surfing at KBIA. The sheer beauty of the location consistently amazes me – but it is the people that make the place special.
I have been fortunate to work with wonderful faculty and counselors – and work with numerous members who serve on KBIA’s all-volunteer board. The Board thinks of KBIA all year long and has encouraged me, mentored me, and compelled me to cultivate KBIA as the place it inherently is, and always will be — a wonderful place to be a child.  
I am particularly thankful to have been able to work with some wonderful folks who have served as President of the Board during my tenure: Andy Harrington, Dave Stevenson, Seana Wood, Shannon Beer, David Sweetser, and John Bauman. Additionally, I have been supported by three wonderful individuals as the Program Administrator: Judy Jurevic, Mimi Meserve (now Mimi Fox) and Jessica Meserve.
It is bittersweet as I write to the community for the last time as Executive Director. But, I am excited to observe KBIA from afar, and to see what the next stage of its growth will be. I have complete confidence that Mimi will do an amazing job, as I have seen firsthand her work ethic, love for KBIA, and her passion for teaching and children. 
My personal information (address, email, and cell) will be included in the Membership Directory – and Mimi will always know where to reach me if you need to find me. 
I hope to see you at the Beach,
(207) 967-2180