100th Capital Campaign

Closing out our 100th Anniversary Capital Campaign

In 2010, we began our 100th Anniversary Capital Campaign and thanks to so many, we raised over $1.1 million! Members, supporters and friends of KBIA showed their dedication and support during the 100th Capital Campaign to ensure that our beloved jewel on the Cove is safe for all to enjoy for many warm and sunny summers to come. Among the highlights:

  • Added to KBIA’s Endowment that helps support scholarships (2014-2015)
  • New bathrooms in Strong Cottage (2014)
  • Safe, new community playground (2013)
  • Fire escape, providing peace of mind in case of emergency in Strong Cottage, plus a sprinkler system and new electrical panel (2012)
  • New and improved Adventures tent for KBIA and community activities, complete with changing rooms (2012)
  • Upgraded and expanded waterfront fleet of Optis and 420 boats and equipment (2011-2013)
  • Structurally sound classroom space (thanks to foundation work in Strong Cottage and structural work in Smith House) (2010-2014)
  • Stunning new four-lane pool (2011)

In addition to the pool, we also replaced the docks and kayak float and we secured the foundation of Strong Cottage and re-sided a portion of the building.

Strong Cottage Foundation Work