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August Awards and Family BBQ

To accommodate our families leaving for the end of the summer, our August Awards and BBQ will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 14. While we will not hold Watersports on this evening, there will be a barbecue! Just like our July event, we will serve hot dogs, veggie burgers, hamburgers, chips and cake beginning at 4:30 PM. Awards will be announced beginning at 5:15 PM. Following the Awards, we encourage you to walk across the street to Mother’s Beach for the final family beach bonfire of the summer!


July Awards/BBQ/Waterspotrts

Join us at KBIA on Saturday, July 22, for watersports, a family barbeque, and awards ceremony. The Watersports schedule in the pool for various ages is as follows:

9:00 AM: Ages 3, 4, 5, 6
9:30 AM: Ages 7-8
10:00 AM: Ages 9+
10:30 AM: Free swim for all ages

At 11 AM, we will begin the awards portion of the day, handing out various KBIA “wedges” and traditional KBIA honors.

The awards will be followed by a barbeque of hot dogs, veggie burgers, hamburgers, chips and cake! All members are welcome to attend this celebratory barbecue.