“Try before you buy”

The countdown to summer at KBIA is officially ON! One week from today, we open at Mother’s Beach for more fun under the sun … and we invite you to join us! “Try before you buy” for the first week, June 26-30 (pay for classes only, no membership required); after that, classes are open to members only, and membership is open to all. We hope to see you at the beach!

Register for our 5K/1K road race


KBIA Annual A Day at the Beach 1k/5k, Sunday, July 9
Registration is now open for our 2023 “A Day at the Beach” 5k/1k road race! Be one of the first to register here! Our USATF-certified course begins and ends at beautiful Kennebunk Beach. The course winds through Kennebunk Beach’s shaded, beachside neighborhood and finishes alongside the Atlantic. Post-race snacks and beverages are provided. The 1k begins at 8:30 AM and the 5k begins immediately following the 1K (8:45ish). Watch a recap from last year here or watch the race in its entirety here:


January 2022 Updates from the KBIA President and Executive Director

Donna Smythe Wilson

Dear Members,

It is at this time of year, when our minds drift to warmer places, that I fondly picture the sunset over the KBIA cove. So much so, that the cover of my family calendar this year is the KBIA sunset with all the pink, yellow, orange and blue tones. Whether you’re new to the KBIA family or several generations in, we all have our special memories and stories that warm our hearts even on the coldest days of winter — some I’m sure include the KBIA sunset.  

Our recent social media campaign speaks volumes to the strength of our community and the rich, long-lasting traditions which began 112 years ago. It is within the #IfNotForKBIA stories that we can truly understand the special bond that our community has for KBIA. I have come to appreciate this more over the past two years, as we have all come together with patience to ensure our special place is resilient through all circumstances. Under the leadership of Mimi, along with our incredible staff and counselors, we are confident that the summer ahead will have excellence in programming, enhanced facilities, and protocols in place where we are confident that our children will create their own special #IfNotForKBIA stories.  

While 2021 was not the typical KBIA summer, there are many things for which we can be thankful: the support of our members, benefactors, and community; the smiling faces (under the masks) of our incredible staff/counselors/CITs; and most importantly children, KBIA classes, beach campfires, new members, and strong financial standings to lead us into next year. With the successful rollout of our online registration, signing up for classes was seamless. This system allowed us to track attendance assisting with safety feature for pandemic health check-in and contact tracing should outbreaks occur. With the help of the KBIA Board of Directors, we have come together to provide guidance and insight to Mimi and her staff throughout the year. It has been my pleasure to work with this incredible group of volunteers, and I would like to thank Lisa Luken and Leigh Griswold Boudreau for their time on the Board and welcome our new 2022 Board members, Dave Belanger, Charlie Buckley, and Laura O’Garr.

As we prepare for the summer of 2022, we will continue to follow strict COVID protocols as we plan our programming. While a select few classes will not be back to pre-pandemic levels, we will be increasing the sizes this summer much closer to pre-pandemic levels with safety measures in place. Additionally, we are hopeful that we will be able to welcome back classes and activities that have been put on hold. Movie nights, Free swim, Free Sail, and the Snack Shack will be back! I know my kids are super excited.   

I want to make you aware, with as much advance notice as possible, that for the Summer of 2022, KBIA will have in place a Mandatory Vaccination Policy, requiring that all employees and eligible children participating in KBIA be vaccinated for COVID-19 or obtain an approved medical exemption. The KBIA Board of Directors believes that vaccines serve as an important tool to reduce the impact of COVID-19, and protect the children attending KBIA. Full details on our 2022 Mandatory Vacation Policy will be made available prior to registration.   

Preparing for an unknown stage of a global pandemic is never easy. As such, KBIA will continue to monitor all our policies according to the best guidance from the CDC and the American Camp Association as we have since 2020 to keep our community as safe as possible. KBIA is a gathering place for all of us — one of great joy. We aim to continue and build on our strong foundation as a community through all this change. And yet, some things never change — like the draw of a KBIA sunset. My family and I are excited to get back to Kennebunk this summer, and I am really looking forward to sitting on the Adirondack chairs overlooking the cove while enjoying the notorious KBIA sunset.  

Stay Well, 
Donna Smythe Wilson
President of the KBIA Board of Directors

Mimi Fox

Dear Members,

Looking back at 2021, I am so grateful for every member of our KBIA community. We came together and welcomed a summer that was fuller and closer to our pre-pandemic operations than 2020. Of course, there were still adjustments and limitations, but overall we were able to offer more classes to more children and bring back our entire staff. Those are just some of the reasons that I count 2021 a huge success for KBIA

This summer, we plan to continue our health and safety protocols – guided as ever by the suggestions of the CDC and the American Camp Association. Our Board President, Donna Wilson, details our policies more in her letter but with these safeguards in place, KBIA will welcome back more familiar ways of operations. Movie Nights will return! Free swim will return! Swim lessons will be back at their previous enrollment capacities, and we will increase the number of spots in the Adventures tent, the morning Bundles, as well as our sailing classes. Other classes that will return include Basketball, Drama, and Woodworking, and the much beloved Sea Fleas. In our swim classes this year, we will also be tracking Red Cross swim level information to better follow the progress of our students and give them feedback by the end of their summer classes to either continue learning in the school year or serve as a guidepost for instruction the next year. None of these additions would be feasible without our health policies and our track record of adhering to guidance from the CDC and ACA.

There is always a good deal of work that goes into our facilities in the off season. This year is no different. After two years of being cautious with finances and facing labor shortages, we are committed to investing in our capital improvement needs. We have rebuilt the Opti boat rack, added a new rack for 420s to be stored in the off-season, and invested in an aluminum gangway to the docks. Strong will get an entirely new coat of paint, rotted trim and windowsills will be replaced, we will upgrade our sign, repair the fencing surrounding our pool, re-level the basketball court and install a new hoop, and invest in significant lawn work. When I look at the punch list it is hard to believe we will be complete in less than five months’ time!

Online registration was quite successful this year. We will continue with it this year with some modifications to the system – we will provide members with the ability to cancel a class on their own up until 2 weeks before the start of the class. If you cancel less than 2 weeks from the class date then you will need to contact the Office, but much of this process will be in your hands. It is a wonderful next step. Additionally, we will have attendance sheets available for teachers on tablets for check in at classes rather than checkpoints to the facility. This will help transition our need to track students in class but not add additional steps for parents at drop off.

We are working diligently to complete our newest activity guide and load programs into Daxko for online registration. We will also – for the first time – post a video of tips in March which will include tips to registering online for those who want a refresher before things open. The Office staff is always available to answer questions via email or help build schedules. All the schedules will be posted by the middle of March and registration will open on Saturday, April 2 at 9 AM EST. Mark your calendars!

In this 2022 season, I hope you will join KBIA as a member – we were honored to have over 340 member families last year – the most we have recorded in all my years with KBIA! Membership helps to support KBIA’s operations and remains an important part of our financial health and stability as a nonprofit organization – particularly over these past few challenging seasons. I am deeply moved by the support our community has shown us during this time and I sincerely hope you will join us again in membership this year. Our 2022 membership link can be found on our website here. Please consider joining to support us and also to access classes for the summer. Renewing now allows us time to make sure all children on your account are active in the system and birthdays are accurate before registration opens.

We take our commitment to our community seriously, so, as a member of our community, I encourage you to reach out to me. I am happy to answer any questions you may have or simply have a conversation about anything on your mind. I truly believe that some of the best ideas are realized through reaching out to the members. I am very excited to welcome you all back to campus this year!


Mimi Fox
Executive Director


Thank you for our 110th Season at KBIA!

Our 110th Season of KBIA was perhaps not what we had initially envisioned…BUT we are thrilled to have been able to open our doors and provide both virtual and onsite classes this summer! We loved seeing the pictures roll in for our virtual ‘A Day at the Beach’ road race which was held in honor of Anne “Annie” McNamara Evans, raising funds for The Dempsey Center. Also in honor of Anne McNamara Evans this year, our 11th Annual Reid Sacco Regatta had a wonderful gathering of participants for an afternoon of kayaking and SUP races. A lovely evening was spent with our adult members at our socially distanced 110th Seaside Celebration, which not only raised over $10,000 but also successfully kicked off our August matching giving campaign. We aimed to raise $10,000 in the month of August, and our donors have helped us exceed that goal! With a $10,000 match from the Bauman Family Foundation – we are feeling beyond grateful. Our fundraising efforts have put us on much more solid ground as we look forward to what 2021 will hold. The KBIA community has certainly come forward with their support and I am so thankful for every one of you!
If you are a member and have questions or want to share thoughts on this year, I encourage you to RSVP to our Annual Meeting for all members and stakeholder’s on Monday, August 24th at 4pm over Zoom. Board Members will be present to listen to your feedback and answer questions. Just reply and let me know if you’d like the link information.
Hands down one of the best things about this summer was being able to see the smiling faces of kids both near and far throughout this season, giving us all a piece of KBIA summer we weren’t sure we would get to have! Again, thank you to each and every one of our members for helping us make it all possible. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing staff and counselors, the generosity of our members and donors, or without our fantastic little campers. Thank you all!
Mimi Fox
Executive Director
Missing KBIA? 
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The KBIA store is open during regular office hours until August 31:
Monday thru Friday 9 AM to 4 PM
Closed for lunch between 12-1PM
We will welcome one person at a time to browse the store and make purchases. Please remember your mask, we would love to see you!
Sale Ends August 31st!


Week 9 Our Final Countdown!

Wow…Week 9 is here, our final week of KBIA! We have a full week of both virtual and onsite classes, as well as fun events coming up – we are keeping busy until the very last day! Private swim classes are going fast, so register today. We are planning our final Teen Night, our store sale continues for all clothing purchases, and we are still accepting donations for our matching campaign – read on for more!
Mimi Fox
Executive Director 
As always, our weekly virtual classes and nighttime experiences will be shared to current members via email by the end of each week. Log on to the Zoom classes through the links posted in the Google Doc (updated every Thursday for the following week) and catch up on classes you missed on our KBIA Virtual Community Programming Facebook page ( or KBIA CIT Facebook page (
And of course, if you aren’t able to participate in the daytime classes, we will have our nighttime experiences.  



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