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July 28, 2015
KBIA Summer traditions

Keeping with our KBIA traditions, we held our July Watersports, Awards & BBQ this past Saturday, topping the day off with cocktails by the cove at our Seaside Celebration.  And what fun we all had!  Despite an unseasonably chilly day, watersports were a splashing good time, and awards were given out to many smiling and encouraged children.  Moving into the second half of the summer season, we are looking forward to the annual CIT ropes course challenge, the Reid Sacco Family Regatta, one last Cove Walk, weekend sailing & kayaking, movie nights, and so much more!
Honoring our children
July award-winners named
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We have many children here who excel in their areas of special interest, and we honored them at Saturday’s awards ceremony with KBIA “wedges.”  For children we saw go “above and beyond,” we awarded the traditional silver-ware that has a permanent home in our office.  Their names will be engraved, forever a part of our KBIA history.  This year’s July award-winners include:
  • Abby McGuckin and Anu Rawlings for the Comelia C. Smith Award for staff
  • Lily Sepic for the Feldman Award for the arts
  • Elly Polivy for the Sisters Gerald & Vincent Art Award for the arts
  • Nora Kiernan for the Keeper of the Cove Award
  • Jimmy Mitchell for the Friendship Cup
  • Dan Jussaume for the Griswald Cup for tennis teaching
*All KBIA children receive participant ribbons.  If you did not pick them up after the awards, and would like to do so, please check the office.  We also have a number of “wedges,” or plaques for our award-winners not present on Saturday!
Seaside Celebration
Oh what a night!
Saturday marked the eight annual Seaside Celebration, where over 200 members and friends gathered for cocktails by the cove.  We were honored to have eight past presidents attend, and even pose for a few pictures.  It was a grand time to catch up with old friends, meet new friends, and enjoy the evening, all by a spectacular setting by the sea!  

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Sixth Annual Reid Sacco Family Regatta
Join Us!
Sailors and spectators alike are invited to KBIA’s sixth annual Reid Sacco Family Regatta on Sunday, August 16th.  The day starts at 11 AM with a skipper meeting, followed by sailing at 11:30 AM.  Interested participants should register in the office to reserve a KBIA boat or bring their own boat to launch between 285 and 292 Beach Avenue.  Due to the shallow nature of the cove, even at high tide, sailors should use an Opti, Laser, Taz, or Chickadee watercraft.
A $10 suggested donation per sailor will benefit the Reid Sacco Foundation.  The regatta honors a longtime KBIA student and instructor who died of sarcoma at age 20 in 2005.  For information on the Reid Sacco Foundation, visit   
This week at KBIA
MONDAY NIGHT MOVIE: “Brave,” Rated PG, 7 to 9 PM, $7.

TWEEN NIGHT: Bowling and a Snack. 6 to 8 PM Tuesday. $26.
WEDNESDAY MOVIE NIGHT: “Peter Pan,” Rated G, 7 to 9 PM, $7.
TEEN NIGHT: Funtown, depart KBIA at 5:30 PM, return at 9:30 PM, Thursday, $26.
OPEN SAIL/KAYAK: 11 AM to 3 PM, Saturday August 1st and Sunday August 2nd. 
*Please pre-register for all events at the office.
Please visit our website at