News from the Beach
March 13, 2020
KBIA and COVID-19 Updates

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On behalf of myself, our Board President John Bauman, and the whole KBIA Board of Directors, I wanted to touch base with all of you to share with you how KBIA is responding to COVID-19. As a parent, I empathize with how you must be feeling. This is a challenging time, made even more challenging by all the “what if’s” and unknowns surrounding the situation.
Please know, that KBIA is dedicated to keeping our students, families, staff, and faculty safe. When we do open, we will be ready to do our best to provide a hygienic environment for all who visit our campus. We will focus on safety and health by keeping all visitors to our campus informed with up-to-date information and emphasizing healthy habits, including frequent handwashing.
We still have over three months until summer programming begins. As the situation evolves, so will our plans, but we also know that we have time to be ready. We will do everything we can to be ready for our 110th anniversary summer on the beach.
From all of us at KBIA – please stay healthy and I truly look forward to seeing you all at the beach this summer.
Mimi Fox
Executive Director
(207) 967-2180