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April 11, 2014
Looking ahead
Help us meet our *match*  
KBIA friends launch matching program for scholarships  
Scholarships are key to the mission of KBIA: to provide safe, supportive and exciting Summers of Discovery for children and their families, among others.
As a fitting finale to our 100th Capital Campaign, we have launched a matching program for our endowment fund that helps us support scholarships. From now until the end of summer, every new $2 given to KBIA will be matched by $1, generously funded by friends of KBIA. This anonymous group has donated $41,667 (WOW!), so we have the potential to collectively raise $125,000 – all to help kids in this community for many, many Summers of Discovery to come.
Pledges can be made now and paid by the end of the calendar year. KBIA’s endowment fund is now managed by a professional firm under the direction of the Board of Directors’ Endowment Committee, and this year KBIA will offer $32,000 in scholarships to local children.
We will be asking all members, supporters and friends of KBIA to dig deep and support the 100th Capital Campaign in its final year so we can ensure the opportunity is available to all children for many summers to come.
Check out our Registration Guide for 2014 
If our 2014 Registration Guide hasn’t reached your mailbox yet, it’s on its way! The 28-page book is full of class information and schedules, as well as the dates for this summer’s Cove Walks, Open Sailing/Kayaking weekends, 5K/1K Road Race, Reid Sacco Family Regatta and even a MIRC sailing competition. We’ve also included a map of the KBIA campus, below.
Learn all about our new offerings — Junior Water Safety Instruction, golf offerings, Wearable Art, Portraiture and Junior Scientist — and find the schedules for all your usual KBIA favorites as well. Class descriptions, as well as a digital version of the Registration Guide, is available online. We also list class schedules by age
Need a copy for a friend? (They can attend Week 1, June 24-28, with no membership fee.) We are happy to send them one; just let us know. We appreciate you helping us spread the good word! 
KBIA Countdown:
72 days until summer
KBIA opens for its 104th season on June 23, and below are some other dates to remember this summer:
June 16: KBIA Office opens
July 6:    KBIA 23rd annual Day at the Beach 5K/1K Road Race
July 19:  July Watersports, Awards & BBQ
July 19:  KBIA Seaside Celebration
Aug. 10: Fifth annual Reid Sacco Family Regatta
Aug. 16: August Watersports, Awards & BBQ
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